Fog A Mirror

  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_01
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_02
  • ces_gallery_matt_gonzalez_the_echo_and_its_fillament_framed
    Matt Gonzalez, Snow-driven, hallucinations, 2016, Found paper collage, 16 x 12 in
  • ces_gallery_leigh_wells_160102_framed
    Leigh Wells, 160102, 2015, Mixed media on vintage paper, 9 x 9 in
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_07
  • ces_gallery_adam_feibelman_thunderhead_updraft
    Adam Feibelman, Thunderhead (Updraft), 2016, Hand-cut paper, frosted acrylic, and frame, 36 x 28 in
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_05
  • ces_gallery_leigh_wells_11_08_07
    Leigh Wells, 11-08-07, 2015, Collage and mixed media on paper, 14.75 x 11 in
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_03
  • ces_gallery_vanessa_blaikie_first_constellation
    Vanessa Blake, Untitled (First Constellation I), 2012, Gouache on paper, 23 x 30.5 in
  • ces_gallery_robert_larson_square_thin_gold_line
    Robert Larson, Thin Gold Line, 2016, Discarded Marlboro cigarette packing on linen, 42 x 40.5 in
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_04
  • ces_gallery_joey_piziali_triangle_study
    Joey Piziali, Untitled (triangle study), 2016, Acrylic, pencil, tea and acrylic medium, 18 x 14 in
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_08
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_09
  • ces_gallery_peter_kirkeby_untitled
    Peter Kirkeby, Untitled, 2016, Ink and tape on paper, 12 x 9 in
  • ces_gallery_andres_guerrero_baseball
    Andres Guerrero, The Failed Baseball Player, 2016, Graphite on Paper, Gold leaf on Baseball, 35 x 40 in
  • ces_gallery_adam_feibelman_large
    Adam Feibelman, Permutation 2 (Deciduous), 2016, Hand-cut paper, frosted acrylic, and frame, 36 x 48 in
  • CES_Gallery_Fog_A_Mirror_Installation_10
  • ces_gallery_fog_a_mirror_installation_11
  • ces_gallery_luke_butler_the_end_52
    Luke Butler, The End 52, 2012, Collage, 9.75 x 14.5 in

September 17 – October 15, 2016

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CES Gallery is pleased to present Fog A Mirror, a group exhibition featuring works by Vanessa Blaikie, Luke Butler, Adam Feibelman, Matt Gonzalez, Andres Guerrero, Peter Kirkeby, Robert Larson, Joey Piziali, and Leigh Wells. These nine artists are part of the larger Bay Area arts community and advance the legacy of art and exhibition-making that is in danger of rapid erasure via tech development plaguing the city. As we begin our third year, Fog A Mirror is a moment of reflection for the owner and director of CES Gallery, Carl E. Smith. Throughout the last ten years the San Francisco art scene has remained influential in shaping the gallery’s program and these nine artists have played pivotal roles in building and supporting Smith’s vision.

Memory-gazing is metaphor friendly and fog is a state of mental haziness. If you are still alive and not yet a memory, you have the ability to fog a mirror. If you fog a mirror you can no longer see yourself in it, though you can trace a word or two into accumulated water dots that you formed deep within your self and then released. Inhale an introspective mood, exhale, opacity, all colors become translucent, impulse, and a note to self that fades to become your face again. San Francisco is also known for its fog. The marine layer wanders and small particles of oceanic salt and iodine allow water droplets to condense upon them, thickening things, obscuring vision, whiting out distant sites, giving you space for yourself again.

The work in Fog A Mirror is quiet and contemplative. An atmospheric build up of small particles can be seen in both the geometric constellation paintings of Vanessa Blaikie and in the enlarged signature drawing by Andres Guerrero. A condensation of finger print traces maps a space of forensic self-reflection in the work of Peter Kirkeby. White triangles hover like patches of fog over soot-ink paper space in a painting by Joey Piziali. Spaces in the surface of the paper, like rapid exhalations of breath, perforate Adam Feibelman’s cut works and crystalize into Matt Gonzalez’s labyrinthine paper reliefs. Leigh Wells’s collages appear to diagram or choreograph the movements of atmospheres. CES Gallery artist Robert Larson’s monochromatic collages made from discarded cigarette packaging are visual cues to puffs of smoke or a cloud wall blocking the Marlboro red of the Golden Gate. Luke Butler’s memory markers of cinematic finales recall flickers of light and dust across a screen, reminding you of something you’ve seen before, your ability to remember and, of course, to Fog a Mirror. THE END.

– A special thank you to Yuri Psinkais –