Designed Identity

March 1, 2014 – April 1, 2014

Jordan Clark & Jenny Sharaf

Designed Identity is a two-person exhibition with new works by Jenny Sharaf and Jordan Clark. Installed collaboratively, this concept-driven show is a grouping of individual works — painting, collage and installation. Sharaf and Clark address the idea of identity in a post-internet culture. Personal identity can be shaped and designed by digital images and by a ‘self-brand’ that we create online.

Sharaf’s body of work examines the mythology of the California blonde through painting, digital printmaking and installation. She uses a collage-based approach and process of accumulation that transcends mediums. Projecting from a lens of contemporary feminism, Sharaf emphasizes the allure of an ambiguous celebrity character that informs female identity.

Clark subverts identity by deconstructing the faces of his collages’ subjects. He uses images of celebrities, family portraits, and anonymous found photographs. All of Clark’s figures are abstracted geometrically, dissecting them at their respective focal points to obliterate the sense of familiar.