CES Residency I


Maja Ruznic – Exhibition: The Wailing Sisters

We are proud to name Maja Ruznic as our inaugural Artist-In-Residence. Maja’s residency will begin in August and programming details will be announced soon. Maja will receive a $500.00 Artist Fee and $250 Materials Stipend. We would also like to award Brody Albert with an honorable mention. Brody will receive a $200.00 Artists Award. We look forward to following his work and progress.

CES Gallery would like to sincerely congratulate all of the 2016 nominees. We wish each artist the very best in their future artistic endeavors.

Tom Dunn
Mandy Lyn Ford
Julie Henson
Kim Kei
Bryan Ricci
Pauline Shaw
Sarah Sturgis
Trina Turturici

CES Gallery would like to thank our Nomination Committee for its guidance and expertise:

Chris Adler, Artist and Co-founder of VACANCY
Lee Biolos and Brody Fox, Art Collectors
Ali Edmark, Artist and Co-founder of VACANCY
Amir Fallah, Artist
Shelley Holcomb, Artist and founder of Curate.LA
Deb Klowden-Mann, Principal at Klowden Mann
Cris McCall, Art Advisor
Max Presneill, Artist and Director/Head Curator at the Torrance Art Museum
Sydney Terrill, Publisher at Artillery Magazine
John Wolf, Art Advisor

CES Gallery is pleased to announce CES Residency, a residency program for underrepresented Los Angeles-based artists. CES Residency is a unique initiative conceived to support the evolving LA art community. CES Gallery will provide one artist with support as they develop and present their first solo exhibition at a commercial gallery in LA. Our inaugural Artist-In-Residence will be invited to use the gallery as a studio for two weeks, a period of time envisioned to allow for the completion and staging of a current body of work. This studio period includes one event geared towards public engagement, such as an open studio, a reading, a performance, or an artist talk. The final three weeks of CES Residency will be a solo exhibition at CES Gallery. Over the course of the five-week program, CES Residency will guide the Artist-In-Residence through the exhibition-making process, including studio visits, installation, press and collector outreach, and an opening reception. In addition, the Artist-In-Residence will receive a $500 Artist Fee and a $250 Materials Stipend. The goal of CES Residency is to connect with the Los Angeles art community and to support an underrepresented artist by through the public presentation of their work. CES Residency continues the gallery’s overall mission of supporting emerging artists.

Ten artists have been nominated by ten LA-based curators, writers, gallerists, art advisors, collectors, and artists. Congratulations to all the CES Residency Nominees!