January 18, 2014 – February 22, 2014

There is something fascinating about watching the destructive beauty of things blowing up. The burst of energy created out of impact or internal pressure causes objects in and around a rupture’s epicenter to break suddenly and violently apart. An explosion is a juggernaut to the sensory system, awesomely disrupting the mundane rhythms of sight, smell, sound, and tactility.

A burst expresses not only a physical explosion, but also the action of emerging or springing forth explosively. In the human experience, to burst (figuratively) is to be engaged in a state of such passion about a particular idea that one can no longer contain the associated emotions. The only relief from such a state is to erupt, ergo eradicating any sense of stability.

BURST, our inaugural Los Angeles exhibition, presents a selection of work that viscerally and psychologically echoes the explosive nature of its title. The works in BURST indirectly reference the explosiveness of life and of light.

Jordan Clark
Lola Dupré
Stephen Eichhorn
Ashkan Honarvar
Yago Hortal
Steven Vasquez Lopez
Mike Parillo
Kenton Parker
Dan Peterka
Jeff Peters
Yuri Psinakis
Jenny Sharaf
Matt Shlian
Greg Stimac