CARLA Hollowforms review

By Pablo Lopez

Hollowforms, currently at CES Gallery, offers work by two artists that depict hollowness, and, by extension, a rich meditation on possibility. On an aesthetic level, hollowness actualizes negative space, and practically speaking, the possibilities of hollowness excite the imaginative faculties of the mind… (read more)

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Blouin ArtInfo Hollowforms mention

By Isabella Mason

“Hollowforms” is a two-person exhibition featuring works by Los Angeles based artists Orr Herz and Brian Robertson. Herz and Robertson are interested in containers and symbols and their movements through space… (read more)

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Phantom Limb Review

Phantom Limb at Shulamit Nazarian has been called one the best group show of the year in a Los Angeles Times review by David Pagel. The exhibition, curated by Seth Curcio, features paintings by CES artist, Scott Anderson and CES Artist-In-Residency, Maja Ruznic.

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