CES Residency 2017 Artist-In-Residence 

Erik Benjamins

Our sincere congratulations to Erik.
We look forward to working with him on developing his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

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Congratulations to all the nominees:

Skyler Bieberly
Hanna J. Boone
Nick Brown
David Burch
Claire Colette
Don Edler
Brook Hsu
Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
Louis M. Schmidt

CES also sincerely wishes to thank all of the 2017 CES Residency II Nominators:

Meghan Gordon, Artist, Co-founder of the CES Residency
Maja Ruznic, Artist, 2016 CES Artist-In-Residence
Brody Albert, Artist, 2016 CES Residency I – Honorable Mention
Brian Robertson, Artist
Tiffiny Lendrum, Art Advisor, Lendrum Fine Art
Adam Beris, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA
Timo Fahler, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA
Thomas Linder, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA
Santi Vernetti, Curator
Anthony Cran, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Wilding Cran Gallery

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CES Residency is a residency program for underrepresented Los Angeles-based artists. Cofounded by Carl E. Smith and Meghan Gordon as a residency program for underrepresented Los Angeles-based artists, CES Residency is a unique initiative conceived to support the evolving LA art community. CES Gallery will provide one artist with support as they develop and present their first solo exhibition at a commercial gallery in Los Angeles. During the first half of the residency, the CES Artist-In-Residence will receive guidance and support through the exhibition-making process, including studio visits and installation assistance. The second half of CES Residency will be a solo exhibition at CES, which includes an opening reception, press and collector outreach, public events, gallery walkthroughs, and an interview with the artist to be published on Artsy. In addition, the CES Artist-In-Residence will receive a cash Production Stipend.

The goals of CES Residency are: to support the Los Angeles art community by helping emerging artists; to provide a platform for an underrepresented artist through the public presentation of their work; to give the Artist-In-Residence hands-on exhibition experience and insight into the artist-gallery working dynamic; and to provide a transparent mode of education that breaks down the boundaries of the commercial art world. CES Residency continues the gallery’s overall mission of artist advocacy.