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Fake News Review in Carla

By Arron Horst

In the 21st-century media environment we might be tempted, or persuaded, to forget that real life still has tangible contours. Real life is often figured instead as that behind the mirage that we supposedly inhabit. (read review)

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Moving Minds by Julie Weitz

“We’re in the transportation business-we move minds,” is how Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead, once described the function of the band. Transportation is contingent on one’s willingness to embark on an unknown journey void of familiar signposts where the only GPS available is the intuitive navigational system of the mind. Deadheads were a particular type of audience, especially primed for perceptual transformation… (read more)

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CES Gallery is proud to announce its participation in VOLTA NY 17. This marks the gallery’s fourth year in the invitational solo presentation based fair. The gallery will present new paintings by Scott Anderson.

More information on VOLTA NY 17 here.

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Art And Cake A Devil To Pay Review

By Genie Davis

Hypnotic and haunting, “A Devil To Pay,” at CES Gallery through March 5th, is the visually seductive work of Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was, collaboratively known as Ghost of a Dream… (read more)

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CARLA Hollowforms review

By Pablo Lopez

Hollowforms, currently at CES Gallery, offers work by two artists that depict hollowness, and, by extension, a rich meditation on possibility. On an aesthetic level, hollowness actualizes negative space, and practically speaking, the possibilities of hollowness excite the imaginative faculties of the mind… (read more)

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Blouin ArtInfo Hollowforms mention

By Isabella Mason

“Hollowforms” is a two-person exhibition featuring works by Los Angeles based artists Orr Herz and Brian Robertson. Herz and Robertson are interested in containers and symbols and their movements through space… (read more)

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